Kathy Cacini – $1,000 blue ticket prize
(She shopped at Dahl Heat & Air.)


Congratulations to this year’s 2015
Shop Yukon Winners!

Monna Klaus – $500 blue ticket prize
(She shopped at Oklahoma Strong Roofing & Construction.)

Scott Perkey – $1,000 red ticket prize
(He shopped at Yukon Community Education.)

Start Shopping & You Can Win Cash To Fill Your Stockings!

2015/12/13 23:00:00

When You Spend Your Dollars Here, You Invest In...

  • The future of our community
  • Improving city services
  • A quality of life unmatched in Oklahoma
  • More job opportunities in Yukon.
  • Recruiting new and exciting restaurants and retail in Yukon.
  • The success of Yukon businesses so they may continue to bring you quality service and merchandise.

Letter From The Mayor...

The Shop Yukon event is a splendid program with many layers of benefit for our city. Aside from the immediate benefit of increased sales tax collections, our local participating merchants enjoy an increase in seasonal sales.
Our citizens are also reminded that Yukon has very high quality shopping opportunities besides the big box stores. This realization keeps our local retailers in the forefront of the customer’s mind through out the year.
There is considerable joy that comes with customers that hold a winning ticket as well as the merchants that gave it out.
The event occurs over the holidays but the effect benefits the citizens of Yukon and our chamber members the entire calendar year.

Merry Christmas,
Ken Smith

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