Sept. 5, 2012 - Yukon Review Article

Sep 05 2012

Sept. 5, 2012 – Yukon Review Article

With part of its operational funding tied directly to the success of Shop Yukon 2012, the Yukon Chamber of Commerce is counting on more City of Yukon retailers to participate in the annual holiday retail campaign.

Monday, Oct. 15 is the participation deadline for merchants to be Shop Yukon locations.

“That’s less than six weeks away, and will be here before you know it,” Yukon Chamber executive director Paisley Hopkins said. “We’re looking for any and all retail merchants inside Yukon city limits to participate this year, including restaurants and grocery stores.”

These participating businesses – who must be located inside Yukon city limits – will distribute drawing tickets to shoppers from Nov. 2 to Dec. 16. The more a customer spends in a store, the greater their chance of winning large cash prizes in a drawing set Dec. 20.

In past years, the City of Yukon has provided a flat $30,000 annually to the Yukon Chamber of Commerce for its business and economic development efforts. This money was paid in $2,500 monthly installments.

This year, the Yukon City Council decided to fund the Yukon Chamber using an incentive-based formula that encourages the organization to promote businesses located in the City of Yukon.

This is being done through the fourth annual Shop Yukon campaign.

In addition to a $1,500 monthly allocation from the City of Yukon, the Yukon Chamber of Commerce will receive one-third of the sales tax revenue from Yukon businesses attributed to the Shop Yukon program. This amount will be based on the total dollar amount of drawing tickets distributed through participating merchants for purchases on which sales tax is charged.

(The Yukon Chamber also will start paying a monthly rent of $375 to the City of Yukon for its building at 510 Elm).

Customers will receive one ticket for each $10 spent during the six-week Shop Yukon holiday retail campaign; there also will be $100 tickets available for larger purchases.

The goal of the Shop Yukon promotion is to “increase customer traffic in Yukon businesses and encourage Yukon residents to spend their holiday tax dollars in their hometown,” Hopkins said. “The amount of prize money will be determined by the number of participating businesses.”

Winning ticket numbers in the Dec. 20th grand prize drawing will be announced live during the “morning drive” on radio stations KZLS 99.7FM and KFXY 1640AM, and on the Yukon Chamber website and Facebook page.

In 2011, some 48 participating Shop Yukon businesses distributed tickets that represented an estimated $958,680 in holiday sales. Organizers hope to increase merchant participation in 2012 (17 merchants had registered as of Tuesday).

“Both Yukon Chamber members and non-members are eligible,” Hopkins said.

“Participation levels” range from $250 to $850, with marketing exposure through print, billboard, radio, and social media outlets.

Shop Yukon co-chairs are Yukon Chamber Board members Homer Mason of Joe Cooper Ford and Dr. Lance Doyle of Doyle Chiropractic. “Santa Homer” plans to make some surprise visits to participating merchants during the Shop Yukon campaign.

For more information on Shop Yukon 2012, contact the Yukon Chamber office at or 354-3567.



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